Foodie on Foot: Chicken, Bacon and Basil kebabs on a Secret Summit

I’m going to play one of Aislinn’s games and not name this hike. As we pulled into the parking turn-out, a little nervous about the weather, we noticed something quite unusual….we were the only cars there. Jackpot! We are familiar … Continue reading

Foodie on Foot: Fort Point State Park

A great picnic spot on a perfect day. Check out Aislinn’s One Minute Hike on this wonderful park in Stockton Springs and enjoy the following Foodie on Foot menu.               Late Summer Chicken Salad … Continue reading

Blueberry Lemon Dumplings

  [single_recipe slug=’blueberry-lemon-dumplings’] Using less sugar improves the taste of many dessert recipes. Sometimes sugar is essential to the structure of the dish so cutting it down will not work out. However, when it is an issue of taste, over … Continue reading

Pasta with Fresh Tomatoes, Summer Squash and Basil

[single_recipe slug=’pasta-with-fresh-tomatoes-summer-squash-and-basil’] Tomatoes: They are all good; any will work in this recipe. I used a combination of yellow and red tomatoes, some heirlooms, I think, and a rather standard looking one. I know they were all specific varieties but … Continue reading

Halibut with Pink Salt and Rosemary Rub with Summer Squash and Goat Cheese Puree

[single_recipe slug=’halibut-with-pink-salt-and-rosemary-rub-served-with-summer-squash-and-goat-cheese-puree’]   I was shocked at what I paid per pound for this piece of halibut; priced at least one third more than what I saw in the grocery store but, I knew the second I ripped open the … Continue reading

Oatmeal Lace Cookie Ice Cream Cups

Oatmeal Lace Cookie Ice Cream Cups [single_recipe slug=’oatmeal-lace-cookie-ice-cream-cups’]   Lace cookies are old favorites across the world and have many variations. My favorite is the simple,  oatmeal lace cookie and the recipe I use is adapted from one of my … Continue reading

A Deconstructed Maine Lobster Taco – What’s that??

[single_recipe slug=a-deconstructed-maine-lobster-taco’] Maybe I have been watching a little too much food tv but what started out as a craving for both polenta and fish tacos, along with the irresistible price (and taste) of lobster, became what I like to … Continue reading

Lemonade and Blueberry Iced Cocktail

[single_recipe slug=’lemonade-and-blueberry-iced-cocktail’]   A chunky Maine blueberry popsicube ices down fresh lemonade and citron vodka. Perfect for a summer day when the only piece of machinery you are operating is a hammock. It was Friday lunch and I was discussing … Continue reading