My home is in Holden where I am a pantry cook, retro recipe aficionado, and a writer who is interested in the stories behind the food. I work in the mid-coast area as a school tech director and my two lives go together like a frozen watermelon margarita (recipe to follow soon) on a hot summer day as I use my website, social media, and thematic recipe ebooks (available in the ibookstore and on Amazon) to share my food lifestyle with the big supper club that is the Internet.

Cooking is a passion for me but I would sooner give up my wooden spoons than plan out a weekly shopping list; it is tedious and way too many expensive food items end up being unused and tossed. My recipes are created using a well stocked pantry (without a can of mushroom soup in sight) which gives you the freedom to cruise your favorite markets and pick out foods that look good, or ones you simply feel like eating, so you can stop thinking about what you are going to make and start cooking.