QR’s, Bean Dip and Forward Progress

This is my last Stop Thinking and Cook blog post with the BDN. My experience with the BDN has been fabulous, met some great people (thank you, Pat L.!) and had a lot of fun but, a good blogger posts regularly and new projects that beckon me make it impossible for me to stay on schedule. I want it known that this decision has nothing to do with being addicted to Revenge or the fact that a new season of Chopped has started, let alone that it is ski season, although each has a part in inspiring me on other paths. “Foodie on Foot” will live on (I’ll follow where Aislinn goes!) and I will keep posting recipes, cocktail innovations and food/lifestyle stories, erratically but with enthusiasm, on my Facebook page and website (www.stopthinkingandcook.com).

I have two reasons for not keeping up the BDN pace.  First, a shout-out to my job; in real life, I am the technology director for a school district and most of my projects, like this food blog, are not only for personal interests but part of my work because they help keep my finger on a technology pulse which seems to be in constant warp speed a-fib.

My second time drain is my complete dedication to finishing Murder at Squall Peaks, my Harlequinesque New England ski resort based tale of greed, scandal and mystery. I’ve been busy googling the exact meaning of ‘libel’ just in case anyone actually reads it so, for me, the research is done and I am writing my little heart out.  My novel will be available in e-format on Amazon and the ibookstore and I’ll keep you posted on when it is available.

So, I’ll be working at my job and writing a thinking woman’s trashy e-novel in my spare time. It’s a wrap but actually this time, it’s a dip… for the upcoming big games. Although you’re going to have to go deep for this one; get out your mobile phone and scan the QR code; voilá the recipe will be on your phone and ready for your trip to the grocery store. What’s a QR code you ask? Like STC on Facebook:  http://www.facebook.com/StopThinkingandCook to find out and remember it’s all about forward progress (Go Pats)!!

Thanks for all the fun.  Linda

Thai Style White Bean Dip – fast and easy with a peanut-chili kick. Secret ingredient – Captain Mowatt’s Survy Dog Lemon Lime Hot Sauce – those of you at the Harvest Festival might still have some left!