The Harvest Festival Recipes: Foodies on Foot

I had a great time at the Harvest Festival in Bangor this weekend. Aislinn, brought her gear and insights about hiking using her One-Minute Hikes experiences and I added some food tips from my Foodie on Foot series. We had a few equipment issues and ended up giving our presentation at the BDN booth instead of a conference room, which worked out great and was a good lesson for our Hiking Buddies and Foodie Friends – always be prepared! Don’t leave the house without warm clothes and a good energy cookie that won’t break a tooth or, in the case of the Harvest Festival, an adaptor that will fit a macbook.

I have posted most of the recipes shared at the Harvest Festival  as blog posts and you will find the links below. I’ll be adding the “Couscous and Kale in a Jar” recipe later on this week so check back to Stop Thinking and Cook!

Oat Cookies with Cranberries, Pumpkin Seeds and Flax Seeds

Baguette Sandwich with Peppered Bacon, Goat and Gorgonzola and Apple

Mexican Hot Chocolate

Kale Wraps

Molasses-Pepper Jelly Chicken Drumsticks

Dark Sea Turtles

While I was waiting to start our Hiking and Food presentation, I got some shopping in; some of the items are already devoured but I have business cards and brochures and will be seeking out these delicious Maine produced goods in stores and online.

I am especially thrilled with my shopping bag purchased from One Woman Studio. I was halfway through my punches on my tasting card, sampling this beverage called kombucha my son was anxious for me to try, and I spotted it across the room; our eyes met and I knew this was the shopping bag that would never end up being claimed by someone else. Yes, I am the one in the grocery store line without my own bags and it isn’t because I have not purchased them. In my house, any grocery totes are like socks in the dryer, who knows where they go. But, this bag, I’ll be able to spot in a second if it ends up at work with extension cords in it or in the back of one of my kid’s cars filled with who knows what.

It was great for carrying around all of my purchases from the Harvest Festival and I’m going to give that kombucha another try; it tasted like the organic vinegar I love but with a kick; kind of sassy like my swashbuckling little buddy here…