Salted Butterscotch Sauce with Bourbon – The Lucy Diet Part III: Are you a Food Snob?

In case you missed these posts:  The Lucy Diet Part I and Part II

Read the following statement and choose the response that best describes you:

I only eat french fries that are:

A.  hand cut, deep fried to crispy golden and seasoned with sea salt
B.  seasoned and curly
C. from my favorite fast food restaurant
D. made from the La Bonnotte potatos and sauteed in truffle oil
E. …I don’t eat french fries
F. …I eat any and all  french fries

If you answered anything but F, you could be a food snob. A food snob is a person who demands the best from what they are eating and refuses anything beneath their expectations. You ask, “Does this mean that as long as it is good food I can eat as much as I want?” Oh come on now, you know the answer to that. In this diet conscious world, we have heard about “moderation” and “self-control”; which are all good until they aren’t and that’s because it is not in our nature to deprive ourselves on any extended basis.  As long as we look at good food choices like we are missing something, we will never be successful at treating our bodies like the temples they are. Food snobs look at it differently; you are not being deprived, you are being discriminating. Go ahead, turn your nose up at that stale donut, it will empower you.

Now, one more question:

You pull into the drive-thru; salivating at the thought of those salty, hot crispy potato morsels only to find that when you rip open the bag that your much anticipated fat and salt fix is limp, cold and tough. What do you do next?

A.  You take them back and demand ones just out of the fryolater.
B.  You close up the bag and toss it in the trash when you stop to get gas.
C.  You woof them down, somehow expecting they will warm up and get crispy by the time you get to the bottom of the little red carton and then hide the evidence under the passenger seat so even you won’t be reminded of your weakness.

Notice the detail I put into response C?  Responses A and B show you evaluate your cravings and will accept nothing less than what you want.  You show the strength it takes to give into a food craving, knowing as long as it is perfect, you can then move on. Food snobbery is moderation’s wingman. If you answered C, just realize you need a little work on your food snobbery. Start slow; always ask yourself those four little words…”Is it worth it?”

Is this Salted Butterscotch Bourbon Sauce compliant to the  Lucy Diet? No, but is the exception worth it? For this food snob, yes.

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