Baked Haddock using The Lucy Diet

Enjoy this baked haddock seasoned with a slight yogurt tang and a little panko crunch that accents, not hides, the delicate fresh flavor of the fish. This is a Lucy Diet approved meal! What’s the Lucy Diet? Read on….




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My best friend lost 25% of her body weight following one simple recipe! Keep reading, I won’t spam your facebook account with links to a six month supply of  pricey miracle pills, send you an inflatable garbage bag work-out suit to dehydrate you worse than a tequila binge, or insult you with pyramid scheme that promises you’ll be stylin in a BMW convertible. This is  legit! Also, in addition to a dramatic weight loss, Lucy experienced increased mobility, more energy, decreased hair loss and, a real plus in my book, less pain in her joints. She not only lost a quarter of her body weight but took years off of her age. After watching her dramatic progress, my partner, Dennis, and I decided that we should go on the Lucy Diet. Since cooking is my passion (and Dennis claims eating as one of his), I didn’t know how I was going to adapt Lucy’s fresh and healthy recipe to the variety and taste that Dennis and I would need to stick within the Lucy Diet guidelines so we could achieve her type of results. As a amateur chef, I looked at this as a personal challenge and one I wanted to take on so we could not only continue to eat the foods we love but also continue to do the activities we love; skiing, golf and hiking; for many years to come. The results?  After a one month on the Lucy diet, Dennis has lost 10 pounds and has dropped a shirt size and two inches off his pant size. I have lost 8 pounds and pop out of the car, well, like a puppy.  I must add that Dennis lost more weight because, honestly, he has a lot more to lose than me. I didn’t say that to be mean, it is important to realize that how much weight you may lose or any improvement in the way you feel is dependent upon many factors and how much you need to lose is one of them. It’s personal but, even with all of our individuality, there is one overriding factor – attitude.

Attitude is no problem for Lucy. She has no cultural conditioning or bad habits to break. Lucy is my fourteen-year-old rat terrier and she eats what I give her and she loves it. Granted, this is the dog that after my 12-foot Christmas tree crashed to the ground, in her excitement to eat the stale gingerbread men, also consumed several glass ornaments. She didn’t flinch then or later. The dog has a vault for a digestive track. But just because she will eat anything doesn’t mean she should. Sound like anyone you know? This is where us humans have to deal with choice.

A year ago, Lucy was overweight and so lame and lethargic that we had to carry her up and down the stairs. The vet would not clean her teeth because of a bad liver test. The talk of blood work and tests  ($$$$) got my head spinning. I love the old girl, but really?! I asked the internet world what to do and found a variety of holistic dog cures.  I adapted a variety of pet food recipes and came up with the Lucy Diet. Within two months, Lucy had gone from 14 pounds to ten pounds, her liver count was normal and she was able to get her teeth cleaned. She is a new dog; with the vitality she had when she was 5 years old and terrific breath – who wouldn’t want that?


I feed Lucy a ragout of fresh hake, little red potatoes, sweet potatoes and green beans. Sounds delicious, right? But, for breakfast? And every day? And did you notice that neither pizza nor gin was listed in her diet? Yes, that worried Dennis and I too. We wanted Lucy’s results but what about cocktail hour and teriyaki steak? Before we could embark on the Lucy Diet, we had one major issue to address; control versus choice. It’s kind of the chicken and egg of dieting. If you have control, it seems you give up choosing what you want to eat and if you choose what you want to eat, you lose control of the diet.

Click the picture of Lucy’s food above to get the recipe. Remember, to introduce new foods to dogs, very slowly and always check with your vet – most vets will be very open to you improving your dog’s health through diet.

How did I adapt this way of clean eating for Dennis and me? 

More on that in my next blog post where I’ll explain how we handle Choice vs. Control and feature another delicious Lucy Diet approved recipe for us humans to enjoy – a pan seared pork tenderloin with apple reduction – now that’s a diet to stick to!