Pasta with Fresh Tomatoes, Summer Squash and Basil

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Tomatoes: They are all good; any will work in this recipe. I used a combination of yellow and red tomatoes, some heirlooms, I think, and a rather standard looking one. I know they were all specific varieties but I was not the one who picked them out at the Farmer’s Market. I sent my gentleman friend, Dennis, off to pick out the veggies. This is a man, who used to think that canned baked beans counted as a vegetable. He came home with the most beautiful assortment of tomatoes and basil that was so fresh; I could hardly pull my nose away from the bag. He did mention that the vendors at the Bangor Farmer’s Market were very helpful (he even bought some rainbow chard) so, a big thank you to them for the delicious assortment of tomatoes for this sauce and strengthening one man’s growing appreciation for vegetables.