Oatmeal Lace Cookie Ice Cream Cups

Oatmeal Lace Cookie Ice Cream Cups

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Lace cookies are old favorites across the world and have many variations. My favorite is the simple,  oatmeal lace cookie and the recipe I use is adapted from one of my “go-to” cookbooks when I want the unembellished version of a classic; The Fannie Farmer Boston Cooking School Cookbook. I like to make a pretty big cookie and mold it inside a small glass bowl (think about the size you use for your lobster butter), let it cool and use it as an ice cream dish. They are quick to prepare and easy to make – just make sure to use parchment paper.



Take a scant 2 Tbs. (measured) ball of cookie dough and leave about 4 inches around each cookie. On a large, heavy cookie sheet you will probably have space for about 4 cookies.




In the oven, baking! They spread out thin as they cook, that’s why you leave plenty of space.








Cool for about 90 seconds on the sheet before you move them to the cups. You want them to hold together but still be pliable. I cut the parchment paper so I could move individual cookies to the cups. This worked out great and I re-used the parchment squares with the next batch.








Slide inside the cup and press. If it crumbles a little, just press some of the softer cookie around it. Symmetry is not important and all mistakes are delicious!








Let the cookies cool completely in the little glass bowls and they will pop out easily.








Fill with a scoop of ice cream and enjoy. Chocolate sauce is a good choice too!

I’m looking for a version of lace cookies that uses molasses – so any readers out there with a recipe….. I’d love to try it!