Blueberry Creamsicles

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My cousin and I walked barefoot on the oiled dirt camp road, clutching the coins we earned from my mom by picking up pitchy pinecones around the fresh water pump, the quarter mile to the little store with the Schlitz sign that sold gas, jiffy pop, humpty dumpty chips, and the largest assortment of ice cream bars I had ever seen. We hurried, with exaggerated movements like little speed walkers on a bed of coals, and discussed how we hoped the store would not be out of our favorites.

Sliding back the iced glass doors of the big frozen chest revealed popsicles of every flavor, Neapolitan ice cream cups with tiny wooden paddle spoons, sugar cones with nut and fudge crusted vanilla ice cream, and all those ice cream bars. It was difficult for me pick past the ice cream sandwiches and root beer popsicles but most often I had just one item in mind, the orange creamsicle. Carol did the same on her side of the cooler and secured her favorite, the fudgesicle. We carefully counted out our coins at the counter and set out on the slow, sweet walk back to the camp, finishing our treats in time to have both hands free to try and catch the fireflies flashing in the field.

I set out to make orange creamsicle, but when I stopped at Beth’s farm stand for some cukes, I saw fresh blueberries and decide I’d try my favorite childhood treat in a new way. The blueberry sauce in this recipe is fantastic, don’t be afraid of using more than I did for these icy pops that taste a bit like frozen blueberry cheesecake.